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Under The Elder Tree

Massage Therapy       Natural Body Care

Nature itself is the best physician.




Under The Elder Tree is a one stop shop for all of your body care needs. As a highly trained, Professional Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, and Nationally Board Certified  Massage Therapist, 

I have the knowledge, credentials, and  ability to tailor any therapy session, herbal formulation, and essential oil blend to your specific wants and health care needs.  

Many in the Valley are peddling oils and herbs without formal training which can compromise 

your health and well being.   

 If you want to safely utilize alternative healthcare in your life, 

get your counsel from a career professional. 

The shop has an ever expanding retail area that features medicinal & culinary herbs, therapeutic teas, salves, lotions, soaps, incense, hundreds of therapeutic grade essential oils with a blending bar, aromatherapy supplies, aroma candles, bath bombs & teas, natural cleaners and laundry supplies, deodorants, shampoos & conditioners, 

and other related  healthy living options.  Many products are made in house, some are local, but all are guaranteed to contain the highest quality of pure natural ingredients.  Each item is carefully chosen and is hand crafted by highly skilled artisans. Stop by and  see just  what is 

Under The Elder Tree!


  • Medically based Therapeutic Massage
  • Relaxation Wellness Massage

  • Healing Hot Stone Massage

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Amethyst Far Infrared Bio Mat

  • Aromatherapy... and much more!

The Valley's largest selection of genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps!

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I'm excited to announce the addition of  an
Amethyst Far Infrared Bio Therapy Mat.  A fantastic addition to your Massage Session, or Just do some solitary healing on the mat in our relaxing therapy room!

Come and check out the new expansion of Under The Elder Tree.  It's a bee friendly, organic plant and garden arts center.  Stop by and build your very own fairy teacup garden!
Hours for this addition are: 
Friday 11:30-4:00 & Saturday 11:00-2:00