Under The Elder Tree




Market Street



Premiere Historic 

Centre Market

Shopping District

Nearly 5 years open. 

18 years laying the foundation.

A lifetime of committed study.

Under The Elder Tree is a proven leader in the 

Natural Health & Wellness movement in the Ohio Valley.  

There is a reason why so many put 

their trust - and their health in the caring, educated hands 

of those at Under The Elder Tree.

Come and see the difference educated counsel 

can make in your life.


Salt Sanctuary

Under Construction Now!



 The world of alternative 

healthcare is booming! 

And all the conflicting information on the internet 

is enough to make 

your head spin. 

Where do you even begin?

That's what we are here for. 

We aren't doctors, and we aren't Google.  We stand in the gap between the two to gently & safely guide you on how to make wise choices on your personal health journey. 

Come in and talk to us.  

Tell us your symptoms, 

your emotions.

Let us know what prescriptions and supplements you are already taking. & allow us to hear your story. 

   Each clue you give us, guides  us to better counsel and tailor any herbal or oil formulation

 to you and you alone.  

As a highly trained, Professional Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, and Nationally Board Certified  Massage Therapist

I, and the staff,  have the knowledge, credentials, and  ability to safely tailor any therapy session, herbal formulation, and essential oil blend to your specific wants and health care needs. 

The shop has an ever expanding retail area that features :

Medicinal & Culinary


Herbs & Spices 

Therapeutic Teas 

 Quality CBD Products

Salves & Balms 

Tinctures & Syrups

Lotions, Soaps, Incense





Grade Essential Oils


Aromatherapy Jewelry

& Diffusers 


Aroma Candles 

Bath Soaks & Bombs

Organic Skin Care



Local Honey 

& Crystals 


Many products are made in house, some are local, but all are guaranteed to contain the highest quality of pure natural ingredients.  Each item is carefully chosen and is hand crafted by 

highly skilled artisans. 

Stop by and  see just  what is 

Under The 

Elder Tree!


The Valley's largest Selection of Guaranteed Pure Himalayan Salt Lamps!

Healing Arts


We are always so blown away to hear people don't realize we have an entire bodywork therapy aspect to the business.

We currently have a staff of 

6 amazing practitioners & over 15 different modalities 

(and expanding!) to 

help you with your 

personal therapy goals. 

We Offer:

  • Medically based Therapeutic Massage

  •  Relaxation Wellness Massage

  • Healing Hot Stone Massage

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Amethyst Far Infrared Bio Mats

Hot Himalayan Salt Massage

  • Energy Work


Warm Bamboo Massage

Prenatal Massage

  • Chakra Balancing

Thai Massage

  • Vibrational Healing

Chair Massage

  • Yoga 

  • Meditation

   and more!

Come experience all our  therapies & classes. Try out Yoga, Meditation, & Energy Healing and experience what these amazing healing practices are all about.

Classes &


Our Studio Space is 

intimate & womb-like.

Overcrowding can be stressful-

  quite the opposite of what 

feelings & vibes we are trying to

 cultivate in our peaceful salt 

lamp lit space.

You deserve ample room to feel 

comfortable to practice!

Reserve your spot through 

the Dashboard.

Classes sell out quickly!

Soon all of our classes

 will be 

held in the Himalayan

Salt Sanctuary!!

All Classes are on Hold until the Salt Sanctuary construction is complete!

Check out the
page to see what's going on
this month!

Follow along for daily updates, announcements, class scheduling links & to enter random contests!

Hundreds of essential oils, carrier oils & herbally infused oils, all that can be safely  blended to your specific health concern by a 

Certified Aromatherapist 

with over 17 years blending & formulating  experience.

We are so very excited to 

announce that on 11/15/2018,

Under The Elder Tree 

purchased our 2205 

location building!

We are already filled to

 capacity on our ground 

floor, and are eagerly 

looking forward to bringing

 so many more unique 

offerings  to fill 

all the rooms on 

the 2nd floor!

As always, thank you to all 

of our wonderful customers

 & clients for your support 

to help get us to this 

amazing point in time.  

We appreciate each and 

every one of you! 

Be excited- There's so much 

more to come!!

Book A Healing Therapy Today!

(Easily book through the Client Dashboard tab at the top of the page)

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