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Everything you need to know is right here

How to Book

A Service

We have 3 ways for you to book.

All bookings require prepayment.


This is the fastest and easiest way. Click on the the Services page button below to make your selection.

PHONE:  304-909-3050

Clients in the store take priority, so be prepared to leave a message and wait for a return call at our convenience.

If you leave a text contact, the response will be even quicker. 


During Retail hours

Wednesday 11:30-5,

Thursday 11:30-7 & .

Saturday 11-4 


Now What?

Very important things to know

once you've got yourself


Notices and Policies

* Print, Fill & bring your

intake form to your appointment.

Click button below for link

to the form.

* DO NOT arrive early.

Outside of Retail hours the business doors will be locked to keep our therapist & clients safe.

We will unlock the door at your precise appointment time.

Plus therapy is hard work! We need a few minutes between clients to give our bodies a break and be mentally ready to give you our undivided attention. Plan on being directly on time!

* If you cannot make your appointment, PLEASE have the courtesy to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours in advance.

Life happens- We are very understanding of this. Please allow another on the waiting list to take your spot so they can get some much needed therapy.

* Without 48 HOURS NOTICE, your payment WILL NOT be refunded.

* If you are a NO-SHOW, your payment is non-refundable.


Using A Gift Certificate

How to redeem a hand held

gift certificate towards

a therapy or class.

1. Follow Link below to create your profile on our schedule system.

2. Click "Sign In" to create

your profile. Make sure to

save it!

3. Text: 304-909-3050 with

"gift certificate & your name"

to have your profile unlocked so you can bypass pre-payment.

(be patient -it's a real human who does the unlocking!)

4. Schedule yourself AFTER you have confirmation that your profile has been unlocked. 


Purchase a Gift Certificate

We have 2 purchase options available:

* Hand Held

Gift Certificate *

This one must be purchased

in person.

It can be in any denomination you wish, & can be used towards either bodywork or purchases in the

retail shop.

Has no expiration.

* Online Gift Certificate *

This one is purchased through our online system,

so it's great for those buying a gift from a

long distance from us.

It 's immediately emailed to the recipient.

Has preset increments of $$ options & can only be used on the bodywork booking system.

Has no expiration.

All Gift Certificate

Sales are Final.



Under The Elder Tree is a HIPAA compliant facility.

Please make certain when you set up your profile that all personal & contact information is associated with the account holder so all of our records

are kept straight & federally compliant.

Do not book your friends or family with your contact information.