Under The Elder Tree




We have 5 fantastic, highly trained
 Therapists who all want to  help you with your personal
Body Therapy Goals!

Services can be Pre-booked 

Tuesday - Saturday 

9:00 - 7:00

Walk -Ins are available during Retail hours!

12:00 - 4:00

Wednesday - Saturday


Relaxation starts the moment you walk in our building.

First the calming scents waft to your nose, followed closely by 

the low relaxing music & soothing babbling water echoing through the halls.

Each room has an intimate, womb like feel. 

You can completely relax & recharge in the low, ambient, healing glow of 

the pink/orange salt lamps that fill, not only our Himalayan Salt Sanctuary, 

but every single intimate room in our building.    

Experience a peaceful space that's perfect for therapy & deep relaxation.



 Get some quick pointed 
upper body  therapy 
in an ergonomic Massage Therapy Chair.  
Perfect for those on a time or money budget!

Often available as 
a Walk - in Service
Wed- Sat
(based on availability)

$1.00 / MIN
5 MIN - 20 MIN


Massage  should never be the same for everyone.  
We actually listen and work on you the way you want and provide focus on the areas your body most needs the work.

We customize your session pulling from 
all of our 
educated skills.  
We combine 
elements of: 

Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu,  Facilitated Stretching,  
& Sports Massage.
We are intuitive and skilled and provide your body with the care, pressure & focus that it specifically needs with our integrative therapy.

These 30, 60 , 90 & 120 Minute  Therapy Sessions can be even more tailored to fit your wants and needs.  
Check out the next listed menu selection to see what all you can 
Add - On to build your 
personally perfect Massage Experience!

$45 / 30 MIN

$70 / 60 MIN

$115 / 90 MIN

$160/ 120 MIN


Custom build & tailor your personal 

therapy session!








* CBD OIL  *

Prices Vary by 

Option & Time.

Follow the link 

to see the details  & to add them onto your 

Massage Selection



While growing a new life is exciting,

pregnancy can be hard

 on your body.

Come and get those odd aches and pains 

gently eased from 

your taxed & 

expanding body.  

We have a super cushioned massage pillow sytem to comfortably & safely allow you to lie face down and give your body a  break from 

the pressure 

on your spine. 


Mom's need nurtured too!

Great for the 2nd & 3rd 


$45 / 30 MIN

$70 / 60 MIN


Together we can 
help train 
a newly minted 
Licensed Massage Therapist!  

Nobody who is fresh out of school has the experience to fully meet your needs- and the price you pay 
for these services should reflect that!

We want our Bodyworkers to be 
top notch.  
In exchange for a lower priced, budget friendly massage, you'll be allowing our Apprentice to gain her confidence and skills  by working on you while having you kindly  encouraging her with pointers and advice. 
Between being owner trained, and your input, we will mold the the precise therapist the Valley needs! 
Everyone wins!

In exchange for the lower cost is a feedback questionnaire to help us better guide the training of our Apprentice.

Your input matters!

Fantastic option for those with a limited budget & those living on a fixed income.    

$30 - $100


Hot Stones have been used in healing for thousands of years.

Heated Stones are detoxifying and deeply relaxing. 

Stones are placed along points of the body and are used for massaging. 

By combining massage with warmed stones, the circulatory system is both stimulated and relaxed. 

This circulatory activity promotes the release of toxins from the muscles, assisting the body in self-healing. 

In addition, tense muscles are also softened and eased by the deeply penetrating heat of the stones. 

(While this head to toes service is wonderful, adding Hot Himalayan Salt Stones to your Custom Massage has quickly surpassed 

this service as the client's 

#1 Favorite!)

$125 / 90 MIN



Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called sen, and assisted yoga postures. Thai technique uses no oils or lotions, and the recipient remains clothed 

(dress comfortably!) 

during a treatment.

$75 / 60 MIN

$120 / 90 MIN

$165 / 120 MIN


Compassionate & Specialized Massage treatments to help people manage their experience with Cancer.

Oncology massage clients report numerous physical benefits, including:

Better ability to tolerate cancer treatment side effect.  Better sleep, Fewer Headaches, 

Less chemotherapy -induced peripheral neuropathy,

Less Chemo related nausea,

Less chronic pain,

& Lessened 

Stress & Anxiety.

Find an oasis of comfort

during a difficult time

$45 / 30 MIN

$70/ 60 MIN


Reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle that there are reflex points 

on the feet that correspond to the body’s different organs and glands. 

In a session, 

  pressure is applied to these reflexes on the feet, which stimulates nerves & promotes good health & relaxation body-wide.

If you opt for the 60 minute session, expect an extended foot and calf massage while your feet get pampered with a detoxifying clay mask while wrapped in 

hot towels.


Your feet deserve it!

$55 / 30 MIN

$80 / 60 MIN



Ear Candling is the holistic way of relieving earaches, sinus issues, and other common issues related to the ear. 
It has been used since 2500 B.C., and is an ancient method used to help with the previous problems mentioned. 

An ear candle is beeswax or paraffin wax coated cloth that is shaped into a cylinder. We use the ear candle to place in the ear during treatment.
While the candle is burning, the therapist will give a relaxing scalp and facial acupressure massage to help with relaxation and sinus drainage.   

Give this ancient remedy a try!

We highly recommend that you add in the sinus remedy Aromatherapy blend.

$45 / 1 EAR /30 MIN
$50 / 2 EARS / 30 MIN


This solitary therapy combines far-infrared deep penetrating heat & 
24 pounds of Amethyst Crystals to decrease Inflammation & Pain, and Increase Circulation. Boost your Immune System,  Burn Calories, Ease Joints, & Detoxify. 
Add in your chose of  brainwave syncing guided imagery cds to take this therapy to a deeper level of relaxation and healing

We have a Bio Mat available in every therapy room.  For a small additional fee, you can add it to your Custom Massage, Ear Candling, Hot Stone or Reflexology  Sessions.
Click the Add- On Link 
above to learn more.

Solitary Sessions:

$20 / 15 MIN
$30 / 30 MIN
$40 / 45 MIN
$55 / 60 MIN


You're invited to relax and recharge in our 
premiere beautiful Sanctuary Ruins themed 
Salt Cave.  

In this recreated micro climate of a salt mine, you can experience the  benefits of relief from a host of ailments such as:  inflammation, asthma, allergies, sinus congestion, acne, eczema and sleep & mood disturbances. 

It's  amazingly relaxing.  
We guarantee 
there is nothing else like this in the Ohio Valley!

The Sanctuary can hold 6 people comfortably  
in each 45 minute session. 

Come bask in the healing Negative Ions!

(Please, out of respect for others who may be in a group session with you, heavy perfumes & cell phone use are restricted during Salt Cave Sessions.)

$35 / 45 MIN

If you wish to book 
the Sanctuary for a 
private session, 
you can rent all 
6 chairs  for :
$180/45 MIN
(Call or Stop in to book)


It's such a great thing to give the gift of Massage &  Good Health!

We have 2 purchase options available:

* Hand Held 

  Gift Certificate *

This one must be purchased in person.  

It can be in any denomination you wish, & can be used towards either bodywork or purchases in the 

retail shop.  

Has no expiration.

* Online Gift Certificate *

This one is purchased through our online system, so it's great for those purchasing a gift from a long distance from us.  

It 's immediately emailed to the recipient. 

Has preset increments of $$ options & can only be used on the bodywork booking system.

Has no expiration.

Carrie Eller
Owner of
Under The 
Elder Tree

In Recent years, I've  

been phasing 

myself out of 

Massaging to focus more on the 

Herbal, Aromatherapy 

& Managing aspect of Under The Elder Tree. 

However, people keep begging for sessions with me, so lucky for you, I'm coming 

out of retirement for a limited amount of exclusive sessions!


I've been practicing 

therapeutic massage for 18 years now and have finely tuned my skills over the years. 

I incorporate whatever resource I need in a session.  

Whether, it be hot salt, warm bamboo sticks, cold marble, analgesics, vacuume cupping, stretching, shiatsu energy work, or  

sheer brute strength,  

I will use whatever I intuitively

feel is necessary 

for your specific 

therapy needs.  

My intuition and years of experience will guide your session in just the right direction to get you the relief you need!

30 Min / $55

60 Min/ $85


On Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Mornings between 9:00-11:30, 

Carrie Eller is offering 60 minute

custom massages 

in the 

Salt Sanctuary!

No other place in the Ohio Valley can you get your therapy done under a twinkling night sky while surrounded 

by glowing salt walls. 

 Breathe in the negative ions & minerals and allow your body to be cared for in such an amazingly relaxing environment!

60 MIN/ $100

Couple's Massage
in the 
Salt Sanctuary

We finally are able 

to offer

Couple's Massage!

And it's just no ordinary experience.  

This session with your loved one, or best friend is in the amazingly relaxing & therapeutic 

Himalayan Salt Sanctuary!

Lie in sync under the twinkling starry night sky, breathe in the salt, bask in the negative ions emanating from the soft glowing walls

& drift away with a deeply relaxing customized massage with 2 of our top notch therapists.

It's not just a massage-

it's a healing



$185 per couple

Call or stop in 

to set up a Session

Private Parties
in the 

Since the planning stage of the Sanctuary we have been working towards the goal of customized gatherings. Now we are ready to get them started!

We can tailor make whatever sort of parties you and your family or friends are in the 

mood for.  

Whether it be just lounging in the Sanctuary with your own bottle of wine, 

a guided meditation, yoga,

chair massage, reflexology or taking turns on the massage table, we can give you the experience you crave!  

~ Bridal Parties ~ 

~ Corporate Parties ~

~ Graduation Parties ~

~Girlfriend's Day ~

Call or stop in for 

more details.





  Shamans journey into         the spirit realm to            receive messages,         relaying healing and       bring guidance back        on what we need to      do in the 

         physical realm.              

      Shamanic Healing 

    is not a substitution       for modern medicine 

     or psychiatric help.               It's a form of                  spiritual healing,                 which is much 

 different than western   medicine, and is not a  substitute for 

 these services.

Shamanic Healing is a healing method where        Victoria and you join     together in a 

     meditative state. 

  She will  guide you and  allow you to discover  what healing you need  to acquire to live your  life in balance and what messages & guidance  you need to receive from spirit.

 When we journey into         this realm, we will        discover what deep subconscious issues or     traumas are causing      disturbances in your        current self, and what    we need to address &          deal with to move           forward from these.

Spirit communicates in symbolism, and during these meditations- we will receive the       messages from spirit,       translate them and        apply them to our 

daily selves.

This type of healing works by allowing the shaman to see exactly where your past trauma's occurred, and helping you work through them, release what energies are no longer serving you and to further develop 

our souls.

90 MIN/$130



To summarize, Chakras are balls of energy located 

within our bodies. 

They are able to control the flow of energy, mental well being and physical attributes.

There are thought to be over 200 chakras in the body, but only 
7 widely accepted 

major ones. Each one controls a different aspect of our spirit and can be both overactive and under active.


There are many tools which work to help stabalize the flow of energy through the chakras. Some examples include the use of crystals, 
sound & vibrations,  
color healing, energy work, & guided meditation.  Each session is individually tailored to your own specific needs.

Everyone experiences a chakra balancing session differently. If there are deep emotions being held within a chakra, you may have an emotional reaction such as crying or laughing. You may also feel relief from physical pain. Most commonly, people report feeling relaxed and peaceful after a session.

Allow Victoria to guide 

you to live a more balanced & centered life both physically, emotionally & spiritually.

60 MIN/$100


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