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Meet The Team!

At Under The Elder Tree, we are focused on

providing personalized services with

the highest levels of customer satisfaction

& will do everything

in our educated power

to meet your needs. 

* a variety of holistic offerings *

* helpful, caring Assistants *

* professionally trained therapists *

with combined

70+ years experience,

we guarantee

you'll be happy working with us. 

We encourage You to try any, and all, of our therapists.

We each have our our unique styles and can help you out in different ways.

We are all here to support YOU!

Look around the website and if you have any questions,

please feel free to contact Carrie.

Always evolving to serve you better.

There's so much more to come!

Carrie Eller


Nationally Board Certified in

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork,

Licensed WV

Massage Therapist,


Herbalist & Aromatherapist

I've been practicing Massage Therapy & Reflexology for over 18 years now.

I'm licensed in WV and have reached the highest level of professional Certification in the United States by gaining my

National Board Credentials.  

I'm also the lead house

Professional Herbalist &

Certified Aromatherapist.

I've built my skills up over the years

in some vastly different settings- everywhere from touristy high end Spas, contracting with professional athletic venues, such as WWE Wrestling & the Ohio Valley Greyhounds, quick walk -in high traffic spas outside of a military base, working with long distance professional drivers, being a mobile therapist, working in local mom & pop salons, to providing medical therapy in a Chiropractic office.

Each locale allowed me to build

vastly different professional skills and learn some really great ideas to

add to my professional tool belt to build Under The Elder Tree to

to better serve the entire community.

I opened Under The Elder Tree in the

Spring of 2014.

I'm always asked where the

business name came from.

My last name is German,

& it literally means, "Under The Elder Tree". And traditionally, the Elder Tree is the tree representing the village "wise woman" to whom you could come for health and healing guidance for various

ailments & complaints.

It almost seems as if I was meant for this line of work!

I've applied my knowledge, intuitive skills, and call for healing to create a space for people to

receive safe, educated guidance

on health and wellness care.

Taking care of your health

shouldn't be a luxury! 

I strive very hard to keep all of our holistic services & products at a price point where everyone can afford to make them a part of their health maintenance program.

Those who work at the shop

are more than employees.

We have become a

family of healers

who have all been

drawn together

by a collective call for helping. 

I have extremely high expectations

of my staff.

I will accept & retain only top notch,

highly trained &

skilled practitioners

whose call for healing

comes from the heart & not the ego.

I set the bar high so you can get

the best care possible!

We are a quirky, creative bunch

who all support each other

-and you -

with all of the unique skills

we each bring to the table.

What can we help

you with today?



Committed to converting Nature into

customer satisfaction & wellness 

Carrie Eller


Jack of All Jobs



A lifetime of study

culminated in the

opening of

Under The

Elder Tree.

I love my shop.

To be here is Bliss! 

While I enjoy helping those who walk through the door, the other ladies in the shop tell me I come alive when I'm alone blending and creating new Teas and

oil concoctions.

My sensory disorder that could be overwhelming as a child has proven to be my superpower when it comes to Oil & Herb blending.

My highly sensitive sense of smell and the ridiculous catalog of scents & their associated feelings and energy I have in my brain allow me to easily come up with complex blends that not only uniquely smell good, but are good for you!

Finding creative ways to help others is where

I shine!

I'm amazed at how

Under The Elder Tree

is growing and evolving.

It's simply humbling to watch what was once just ideas in my head become realities that help support

others along

their own journeys.

I can't think of a

more fulfilling thing for me

to do in life!

What can I help you with today?

Beth Moore


Shop Assistant


Beth's love of nature and what it can provide has

driven her nearly

30 years of

self education,

wild crafting and organic gardening.

This, coupled with her training in the medical field, and being Dr Mom to 3 children, has prepared Beth to be a great addition

to the team at

Under The Elder Tree.

Beth is a patient &

animated soul.

She is a whirlwind of ideas and follows through with hustling to make

things happen.

She also recently began hosting herbal foraging walks at the shop!

The stars aligned when she walked in my door and she has quickly ingrained herself as my indispensable

Right Hand Wench.




others in

need is not

only a


of life, it's

what gives


to life."

Committed to converting Nature into

customer satisfaction & wellness

Samara Eller

Junior Apprentice &

Shop Assistant

Samara is following in her mother's footsteps of becoming a future Herbalist and Healer. But right now, you'll mainly find her stamping bags. Totally not her favorite thing.

Her favorite

part of working in the shop is watering the plants. She loves discovering all the little fairies lurking among the foliage.

She bounces around the shop being a helper, and has recently discovered the joy to be gained from swiping credit cards. 

Outside of the shop, she loves doodling, watching cooking shows,and creating confectionery masterpieces. She's also mildly obsessed

with chubby Cats.

Nannette Troyan

File Organizer &

Shop Assistant

My love of order makes filing and data entry a perfect job for me.

After wandering in to schedule bodywork, I made it my goal to work through the Healing Arts menu.... and then I just never left! 

I love learning about everything the shop offers and then passing

that knowledge

on to customers. 

This is my happy place.

When I'm not here,

I'm most likely at my

full-time job at the library or spending time

with my husband & cats.



Helping one

person might not

change the world,

but it could change

the world for

one person"



The ones with hands for healing

Carrie Eller

Lead Senior

Massage Therapist


I will always remember the date of my first day of Massage Therapy School, because I can never forget.


I'm licensed in WV, formerly in VA & have reached the highest level of professional Certification in the US by gaining my National Board Credentials.

My massage therapy training was

unusual & unique.

My main instructors were a Neurologist & Chiropractors.

And for a third of my 900 hours of education, I was the only student, so I had amazing

one on one private instruction with

these Doctors!

My education was

deeply medically based,

fantastically focused, & personally tailored to my quest for more and more medical knowledge to

help & heal others.  

As a result, I have the skills for seeing some of the worst of the worst cases that other therapists might find

too much.

I enjoy the challenge

of figuring you out and

giving you relief!

I approach my bodywork as I do my herbs and oils. I just intuitively know just the right direction and techniques to help your body to relax and release.

I recently started seeing clients again.

My therapy is a bend of all the tools I have learned over the nearly 2 decades and I will intuitively tailor your session for you alone.

I also exclusively offer

the private massage therapy available in the

Salt Sanctuary.

How can I help

you today?

Elizabeth Wilkinson

Senior Massage Therapist


Ear Candler

I am a lifetime resident of the Ohio valley,

a mother of three and oldest sibling of four.

Caring and nurturing are in my soul!

I have been a licensed massage therapist for 15 years. Swedish, Trigger point therapy, Reflexology, and specializing in pregnancy, pre and postnatal massage are

all in my

"tool box". 

With massage comes relaxation,

with relaxation comes healing. 

I look forward to doing my part of helping people take a breath, relax, and heal!


Jess Link

Massage Therapist

Thai Therapist

Ear Candler

Many of you may

recognize me as one of the sister-owners of

Second Cup Coffee.

After leaving the world of coffee, I followed my heart to my first passion,

Massage Therapy.

I have been practicing

in Pennsylvania for

10 years now.

They say,

“You always go home…” and here I am.

Wheeling will always

have my heart.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Elder Tree Family.

I am very passionate about providing detailed/specific work for pain,

discomfort & injury. 

It is very rewarding

to help improve someone’s life by addressing

the area that need focus.

I approach each client’s massage goal with customization.

Be it chronic pain, one of my runner’s pre or post race injury prevention massage,

reaching a total Zen like state, or being twisted like a pretzel for flexibility

on my Thai mat. 

Not one massage fits all, so every massage I do is different because

every day, every body

is different. 

The only thing that is constant is my commitment, intention & passion to aide

in the healing process,


have you feel better

than when

you walked in.



More of the ones with hands for healing

Alexandra Salkovick


Massage Therapist

In November of 2018, I was a member of the final graduating class at

Career Training Academy

in Pittsburgh.

I've been a licensed WV practitioner since

this past February, and am at present the

Apprentice Therapist

here at

Under The Elder Tree.

I love growing my skills!

I am a current member of the Wellsburg Volunteer Fire Department and a former member of the Hooverson Heights Volunteer

Fire Department. 

I am also in the midst of EMT training and will receive my certification in

Spring of 2020.

I have always had a pull for helping and caring for others when they need

it the most.

Massage has allowed me to continue this by listening and adjusting my massages the way every

client needs.

In my free time, I enjoy fishing, camping and basically anything outdoors.

I look forward to meeting you- See you soon!

Linda Mauk

Massage Therapist

I have been a

licensed massage therapist since 2004 after graduating from the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy.  

Some of my training included Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release.

You may know me from

The Wheeling

Spine Center.

I worked there for

many happy years.

I left an Advertising career for Massage,

and it has been a

fulfilling transition!

I don't think there is any field quite as

satisfying & rewarding.

It's a holistic way to provide

relief & comfort.

My husband and I spend part of the year in the warmth of the Arizona sunshine and the other part back here in the Valley near family.

I'm happy to resume my passion while I'm back in the area.

When my clients leave my table feeling better,

I feel better too!

Victoria Dellapaolera


Reiki Master

Spiritual Healer

Hi! My name is

Victoria Dellapaolera,

and I am a Shaman, Reiki Master & Spiritual Healer.

I work to heal the soul

from the inside out.

I have always been gifted, having a close connection with animals, spirits and the energies that surround us.

Once I began really embracing this side of myself, I began truly understanding what I was capable of, and where my abilities laid. 

During my shamanic healing sessions I have used reiki, chakra healing, sound therapy and intuitive guidance to assist in bringing healing energy into ones self and to ultimately help each person live a balanced spiritual, physical and emotional life.

I am a Montana girl, born and raised. I met my husband in the oil fields of North Dakota- and we recently moved to the area in Spring of 2019. 

I really love West Virginia and am happy to call Wheeling home.

" Touch the body...

Calm the mind...

Heal the Spirit"




Remember, just because it's trendy doesn't mean

just anyone can lead a class!

Let our career professionals guide you to wellness

Betsy Sweeny

Yoga Instructor

Meditation Guide

I found yoga early in life as a way to decompress and destress my body after long hours as a dancer. Later in college, I began teaching yoga at the University of Missouri, and in the local community. After college, I moved to rural Virginia to work at James Madison's Montpelier, and soon became the town yoga instructor! 

Outside of yoga, I work as an architect-ural historian, and enjoy hiking with my rescue dog, Marshall.

I moved to Wheeling in December of 2018, and I am excited to become part of this community.

My classes combine the physical postures (or asanas) with meditation and breath work.

I have experience teaching all levels, and love to cater my classes to the needs of the group.

My motto is:

"If you can breathe, you can do yoga!"

Betsy is our house instructor

who teaches regularly

scheduled weekly classes. 

Cathy Downing

Yoga Instructor

I was introduced to yoga well over 12 years ago as a way to combat sore muscles & joint dysfunction created by lifting heavy weights in the gym.

A dedicated, deeper practice developed after yoga was integrated with physical therapy for me

to better recover from knee surgery.

I had a heart felt calling to share the benefits and practice of yoga with others so I completed a

200 hr. YogaWorks certified teacher training.

I became a Yoga Alliance RYT two years

after the knee surgery.

Yoga has become part of my lifestyle, but I also enjoy time my grown daughters, spoiling my cats and grand-fur babies, collecting tattoos, working on my miniature dollhouse, and yes, still lifting heavy things.

My day is not complete without chocolate and coffee. 

Cathy is an


special class


Pamela June

Yoga Instructor

I started practicing yoga ten years ago

as a way to reduce stress.

I loved that yoga helped to quiet the mind, and I was amazed to learn what it could do for my body, too! 

Since then, I have learned that yoga helps provide the fullest experience of ourselves.

It builds strength, balance, and flexibility in more ways than one, putting us in touch with our movements and thoughts and empowering us to become the best version of ourselves.

Outside of yoga,

I am a full-time

English professor and

cat lover.

I moved to Wheeling five years ago,

and I have grown fond of the city's walking trails, the small businesses, and the many festivals. 

I also volunteer at the local homeless coalition.

I have truly grown to love life, and I can’t wait to share this passion with others through yoga.

Pamela is a new mother, so as she adjusts to her new role, she will figure out how to incorporate Yoga instruction back into her life. 

Our Team

Let them guide you to wellness

Nancy Shutler

Tai Chi Instructor

Nancy has practiced Tai Chi for 29 years

and is an experienced teacher of 16 years.

She is certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

Scientific studies have shown Tai Chi to

improve health, balance, and quality of life.

Regular Tai Chi practice improves balance, coordination and flexibility; it strengthens muscles and bones,

improves circulation to internal organs and calms the mind and nervous system.

Tai Chi's flowing movements open the energy meridians of the body, eliminating blockages and allowing the free flow of chi (vital life energy) throughout the systems.

To learn Tai Chi, one practices a series of postures and movements that are performed slowly and continuously. Moving slowly allows the mind to become deeply concentrated on the precise movements. Thus, Tai Chi has a calming and centering effect, much like the effect brought about by meditation.

Tai Chi has

been called "Meditation in Motion"

Nancy hosts class when both the weather and her garden

allow her time.

Michelle Blake

Yoga Instructor

“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self’

That truly is what yoga is to me and wha​t inspired me to begin teaching. I am a 200hr certified yoga teacher with a passion for Vinyasa and Power flow. Yoga became a part of my life 16 years ago when my first son was born and I needed to bounce back. I immediately fell in love, my body responded so naturally to yoga but it wasn’t until recently when I dove into teacher training that my true passion was ignited. My sadhana, or daily devotional practice, began and through this shift from occasional yogi to devoted yogi I was able to learn to live my true self.

Yoga keeps me centered throughout my crazy schedule that includes raising 3 boys and formulating/crafting organic body care products for my small business.

I love where yoga takes me and I love sharing it with others.

Michelle is a random

visiting instructor.

Jessi Byrne

Yoga Instructor

Meditation Guide

Jessi is a certified Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour certification led by Jennifer Yarrow and Jennilee Toner in Costa Rica in 2015.

Her focus is on proper alignment, safety,

& hands on assists.

She is currently working on her 300YTT certification with Frog Lotus, and now Thai Massage Certified through the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage.

Jessi first came to know Yoga in 2007 for an "easy" college credit.

Even though she had been previously interested in Yoga, she had no idea the depth and the beauty which lies within the practice.

Having always been active; a dedicated trained dancer for nearly 20 years, an Equestrian rider & trainer for 25 years, along with various recreational sports, there always comes injury.

Finding many fitness practices left her misaligned and nursing strained muscles and joints, Yoga was the only practice she walked away from feeling whole.

Diving into the world of Yoga, Jessi found that it not only supported her body, but her mind and spirituality as well.

Now she desires to spread the knowledge, the physical healing, and the depth of spirit with those who are curious and come with an open heart and mind.

Jessi is a random

class instructor



Our Team

Let them guide you to wellness



Yoga Instructor

Hi I'm Zachary! I'm a 200 hour certified with the Yoga Alliance and received my training through the Heartland Yoga Center in Bradenton Florida.

I was born and raised in Wheeling and began practicing yoga at home 7 years ago and promptly fell in love with it.

Yet, being introverted and judgemental of myself kept me from visiting a "studio"

So, now I focus my intention on

showing newcomers that

everyone is welcome

on the mat.

I am trained in Hatha Yoga.

These classes include plenty of props, modifications, and occasional hands on assists in order to make them accessible to everyone. Hatha yoga allows for a broad range of work, allowing classes to be arranged based on the individual and/or

group needs.

Zachary will be leading regularly scheduled classes again soon.

Chelsey Keding

Sound Bath Therapist

Chelsey Keding is the leader of our amazingly popular Sound Baths in the

Salt Sanctuary.

She was born and raised in Wheeling WV, and is happy to be back in the area sharing her love of the preforming and healing arts. She began singing at age seven and went on to receive her Bachelor of Music Degree in Classical Voice from The Manhattan School of Music Conservatory.

She then spent the next ten years performing in NYC and around the world!

Favorite credits include:

The original Off Broadway cast of ‘Voca People’

at New World Stages as well as the International Tour, Concerts at Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden with the Grammy nominated group ‘Broadway Inspirational Voices’, and TV appearances on Live with Kelly, Wendy Williams, and The Jimmy Fallon Show. It was through all of these experiences that Chelsey became interested in the healing side of music, sound and energy. This led her to The New York Open Center Sound and Music Institute where she completed the practitioner training program in 2014.

She received her Reiki Master certification through the Center for True Health

in 2017.

In 2017, she also completed 100 hours of

Yoga Teacher Training at

Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh.

Chelsey can often be seen bringing her sound to events and studios around the area, singing with local bands and currently teaches voice lessons at CA House as well as toddler music classes.

Look for her monthly

Sound Bath events!

"You're only

one Yoga

class away

from being

in a good


HR manager

" I bend

so I