Under The Elder Tree



Salt Sanctuary

Listening Lounge 

" The Fusion of Entertainment & Healing "

Do you love good music, but are tired of the 

same old Ohio Valley Bar scene? 

Do you want your night out to be beneficial to how you feel?

Does an event that touches all your senses sound intriguing?

Well this new venue is the place for you!

Music feeds the soul!  

And so should the place where you listen to it...

Immerse yourself back in a total listening Lounge.

Relax on comfortable couches & chairs, or cozy floor seating under the ambient twinkling stars & scarlet draped ceiling

Bask in the soothing ambient  glow of the Salt Brick walls & Candles covering every surface

Breathe in deeply the benefits of salt therapy while listening to heartfelt vibes from an array of talented & unique 

musical artists in this 

intimate & uplifting space.

We aren't a bar, but a unique Lounge & Listening Room where you can kick back with your own drinks and just unwind in the chill atmosphere and fully experience the music in the way it's meant to be heard & felt.

The fusion of Entertainment & Healing...

There's no Venue around quite like this!


Space is limited, so reservations
are required.  
$15 entrance fee

Sanctuary Sessions

Scheduled Acts

Ananga Martin & Adrian Niles


Mary Blake &
Eric Wellman

of the
New Age Adenas


Walter Parks


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